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本文摘要:Japanese auto makers said prospects in China were finally improving, having unveiled measures to win back market share that fell amid tensions between Beijing and Tokyo.日本汽车制造商说道,中国市场的前景再一有所改善。

Japanese auto makers said prospects in China were finally improving, having unveiled measures to win back market share that fell amid tensions between Beijing and Tokyo.日本汽车制造商说道,中国市场的前景再一有所改善。这些公司争相发布涉及措施,力图交还它们在中日关系紧绷时期丧失的市场份额。

But analysts said it will take more than marketing quick fixes to stem the decline in popularity of Japanese brands in the worlds biggest car market, which they said predated the recent territorial dispute over islands in the East China Sea. The spat unleashed protests and prompted consumers to shun Japanese products.但分析人士说道,要想要转变日系车在中国这个全球第二大汽车市场上热门程度日益减少的局面,只能靠很快实行一些补救措施是过于的。这些分析人士说道,在中日间针对东中国海(East China Sea, 中国称之为东海)争议岛屿愈演愈烈争端前,日系车在华热门程度就早已经常出现上升。中日领土争端不仅引起了抗议活动,还促成中国消费者杯葛日本产品。

To remain leading players in a cutthroat market, Japanese auto makers and their Chinese joint-venture partners must increase the pace of new model introductions and connect better with Chinese consumers, analysts said.Zuma Press丰田计划未来三年在中国市场发售20款新车型。图为周四,丰田在广州车展上展出“威飒”。分析人士说道,要想要之后在中国这个竞争白热化的市场上维持领先地位,日本汽车制造商及其中国合资伙伴必需减缓发售新车的步伐,并与中国消费者维持更佳的关系。

Still, in humid exhibition halls jammed with gleaming new models at the Guangzhou auto show on Thursday, there were early signs of optimism for the future of Japanese cars in China.不过,在周四揭幕的广州车展上,利用摆放新车的展厅,或许可以看见日系车在华前景表明出有可行性的悲观迹象。The market is recovering day by day. The situation is getting better, said Ye Lei, director of Venucia, Nissan Dongfengs low-price brand for China. He didnt give figures.东风日产(Nissan Dongfeng)低价品牌启辰(Venucia)的事业部部长叶磊说道,市场每天都在完全恢复,情况正在恶化。他没透漏任何数据。

Natsuno Asanuma, a spokeswoman for Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., said there had been a noticeable increase in visitors to its showrooms in China since the beginning of this month. But consumers are still hesitating, she said, adding that sales had not fully rebounded to precrisis levels.本田技研工业(中国)投资有限公司(Honda Motor (China) Investment Co.)发言人浅沼奈津乃(Natsuno Asanuma)说道,从本月初以来,本田中国展厅的招待人数明显减少。但她说道,消费者仍然在犹豫不决。她还说道,销量仍未完全恢复到危机愈演愈烈前的水平。

Honda Motor Co. and its China joint-venture partners will resume normal production in China from the beginning of next month, she said. In light of poor sales, many Japanese auto makers cut back production and dispatched idle workers for extended training.她说道,本田汽车及其中国合资伙伴将从下月初开始恢复正常的在华生产。鉴于销量下滑,许多日本汽车制造商都减少产量,并决定闲置工人拒绝接受长时间培训。

Mr. Ye said the Sino-Japanese joint venture is introducing a quality-assurance program that promises to foot the bill if a Nissan vehicle is damaged no matter what the situation. Nissan Dongfeng is a joint venture of Nissan Motor Co. 7201.TO +2.87% and Dongfeng Motor Group Co.叶磊说道,东风日产将发售一项质量保证活动,允诺在任何情形下开销日产品牌汽车损毁的修理费用。东风日产是日产汽车(Nissan Motor Co.)和东风汽车集团股份有限公司(Dongfeng Motor Group Co.)重新组建的合资企业。Angry mobs in recent months damaged Japanese cars and attacked and beat a middle-aged man in the city of Xian, leaving him partially paralyzed. Those actions chilled sales of Japanese cars across China.几个月前,一些气愤的暴徒打砸日系汽车,并轻伤西安市一名中年男子,致其身体部分中断。

此类不道德令日系车在华销量上升。Mr. Ye said the program was designed to allay consumers psychological concerns. Honda has introduced a similar program.叶磊说道,质量保证活动目的减少消费者心理上的忧虑。丰田汽车也发售了类似于的活动。But such moves are unlikely to be sufficient to address a fall in the popularity of Japanese cars in China, analysts said.但分析人士说道,此类措施预计足以解决问题日系车在华热门程度上升的问题。

The recent political dispute between China and Japan is only an additional hammer that is coming down, said Ivo Naumann, a consultant with Alix Partners.咨询公司Alix Partners的咨询顾问诺曼(Ivo Naumann)说道,中日之间近期再次发生的政治争端仅仅只是掉落的另一把铁榔头。Japanese brands market share fell to around 21% last month from of over 31% in 2008, he said. He attributed the decline primarily to miscalculation of demand growth in China and to intense rivalry. No other country in the world has this amount of competition, Mr. Naumann said.诺曼说道,日系车品牌占有的市场份额从2008年的逾31%上升至上个月的约21%。他指出,导致这种现象的主要原因是日本厂商错误估算了中国市场的市场需求增长速度和竞争的白热化程度。

他说道,全球没其他哪个国家的竞争像中国市场这么白热化。Japanese auto makers have been more conservative in China than rivals such as Volkswagen AG, General Motors Co., who have developed products specifically for the Chinese market, have communicated the strength of their brands to consumers and cultivated high-quality dealer networks.与大众汽车公司(Volkswagen AG)和通用汽车公司(General Motors Co.)等竞争对手比起,日本汽车生产商在中国的经营策略仍然更为激进。大众和标准化都专门为中国市场研发了产品,他们把自身品牌的优点表达给了中国消费者,并在中国培育了高质量的经销商网络。

McKinsey Co. consultant Paul Gao said Japanese auto makers in China need to catch up. Unless they are prepared to fight a full battle, their success will diminish further, he said.麦肯锡公司(McKinsey Co.)的咨询师高旭说,日本汽车制造商必须在中国市场迎头赶上。他说道,除非它们打算全力以赴,否则他们获得的顺利将更进一步增大。Given the importance of the market -- it will account for 35% of global auto-market growth by volume between 2011 and 2020, according to McKinsey -- failure in China isnt an option for any car maker.鉴于中国市场所具备的重要性,在中国市场上败北是任何汽车制造商都忍受不起的。据麦肯锡公司的数据,2011至2020年期间,全球汽车销售增量的35%将来自中国市场。

Toyota Motor Corp. plans to introduce 20 new models in China over the next three years to cater to increasing demand from Chinese consumers, the company said Thursday.丰田汽车公司(Toyota Motor Corp.)周四说道,该公司计划未来三年在中国发售20款新车型,以符合中国消费者大大快速增长的市场需求。Nissan Dongfengs Venucia division will introduce up to five new models by 2015, including its e30 electric vehicle, which will be produced in China.东风日产的“启辰”事业部在2015年之前最多有可能发售五款新车型,其中还包括其e30电动车,这款车将在中国生产。Japanese, Korean, American…all cars have their benefits and disadvantages, said the companys Mr. Ye. Japanese cars enjoy a reputation for quality. So in the face of competition, Japanese cars can win.东风日产的叶磊说道,日本、韩国和美国车都有其各自的优缺点。日系汽车拥有质量好的美名,所以面临竞争时,日系汽车需要落败。

Hondas Ms. Asanuma conceded that other car makers have been overtaking the Japanese auto maker in China. We need to make our brand stronger, she said. The company is pushing ahead with plans to put a third production line at its factory in Zengcheng, outside Guangzhou, into operation in 2014, she said.本田的浅沼奈津乃否认,其他汽车制造商仍然在中国市场上领先于本田。她说道:我们必须让自己的品牌显得更加强劲。她还说道,本田正在大力前进其东莞工厂第三条生产线在2014年投放运营的计划。东莞坐落于广州附近。

We used to have many models that were designed with the U.S. market in mind and that was fine for the Chinese market of a decade ago, she said. Now thats not good enough.她说道,我们以往许多车型是以美国为目标市场设计的,10年前这在中国市场还行得通,但现在早已远远不够了。



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